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Myojo Mee Goreng Spicy Flavour Spicy Noodles

Myojo Mee Goreng Spicy Flavour Spicy Noodles

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Product Specification

Serving per package: 1
Serving size: 80g
Product of Japan.


This product contains wheat, soya, milk.


Mee Goreng Spicy is part of the Dry range and offers savoury taste. The Dry range serves as another noodles menu for days when hot soup feels a little too much for the hot weather. Add hard boiled egg, mung bean sprouts and coriander. These noodles have a decent gauge and chew – good instant noodle. The taste is just right, nice balance of sweet, salty and spicy in an instant mee goreng and this has just the right levels of each. Good strong flavor and enough of the seasoning, sweet soya sauce and oil to cover the noodles well.

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