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Nongshim Mr.BIBIM Spicy Chicken Flavour

Nongshim Mr.BIBIM Spicy Chicken Flavour

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Nongshim's Mr.BIBIM Spicy Chicken Flavour (Halal) offers similar heat to Samyang's 2x Spicy Chicken, but with a milder kick. MR.BIBIM noodles are available to order online, no matter where in Pakistan you may be!

Nongshim Mr. Bibim Korean Spicy Chicken Flavor definitely hit the spot! you have no idea where the name came from but luckily Nongshim's website had the answers: “Bibim” means “Stir” in Korean. This tasty dish was created to give non-Korean folks something similar to spaghetti and pad thai. Mystery solved - time to dive in! The packaging isn't too intimidating, but don't be fooled - this isn't a dish for the faint of heart. Inside, you'll find the usual dehydrated veggies and a packet of dark red sauce. A hint that it packs a punch!

The noodles are good and the sauce is awesome, plus the dry noodles allowed for the full flavor to get through. An all-around winner in my book for consistency, spiciness, ingredients.


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Serving per package: 1
Serving Size : 148G
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